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Automation solutions for industry


To offer electrical, automation and visualization solutions from project design to visualization

01/ Project design

Behind every successful automation solution there is a project, that is designed by experts in their respective field. Collaboration with experts from different fields will help to provide the client with the best solution regarding clients wishes and needs. We offer electrical and automation solutions for industry.

03/ PLC programming

Wide variety of PLC's and HMI's are used for controlling different processes. We reccomend suitable PLC and HMI regarding the clients needs and requests. We offer PLC and HMI programming, equipment setup and system test with startup.

02/ Installation

We have long experience in manufacturing electrical and automation switchboards (panels). We prefer to use mainly components (MCB's, variable speed drives, logic controllers (PLC), human machine interface's (HMI)) mainly from Schneider Electric. We offer (control) panel building and electrical installation on site.

04/ SCADA system

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is used to visualize technological processes, review process history and alarms. SCADA system helps to shorten the duration of system failure and helps to prevent them by having a precise overview of the on going process. We offer SCADA systems based on Citect SCADA or Ignition platforms.

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